Chatime Membership Terms and Conditions

The Chatime New Zealand membership card is issued by and remains the property of Chatime New Zealand.

The membership card is only valid for use in New Zealand and can be purchased for $1.00.

1.       Collection of points and redemption

                                 i.            Points can only be earned at the point of purchase in New Zealand.

                               ii.            Members cannot claim points from past transactions/receipts.

                              iii.            Membership  points cannot be exchanged for cash nor transferrable.

                             iv.            Membership points cannot be used to discount the price of a beverage.

                               v.            To redeem a FREE drink, members are required to have sufficient points to claim a drink. For example: to redeem a FREE regular pearl milk tea, members must have at least $5.50 in their account.

                             vi.            Membership cards must be registered in order to receive your FREE drink or Birthday offer.

                            vii.            The Birthday free drink offer is valid on the day of your birthday.

                          viii.            Membership benefits and discounts are available upon presentation of a valid membership card or an official form of identification.


2.       Lost/Stolen/Damaged cards

                                 i.            Chatime New Zealand accepts no responsibility for the loss, theft or destruction of your membership card.

                               ii.            A fee of $1.00 is payable if a replacement membership card is requested.

                              iii.            Upon request, points from the lost/stolen card can be transferred to the new card. To transfer the points, members must provide Chatime with their previous membership number.



3.       Membership details

                                 i.            The membership card holder is responsible for ensuring that their details are correct at all times.

                               ii.            Chatime New Zealand reserves the right to communicate with its members, who have opted in to receive marketing material, to inform them of any upcoming marketing activities/promotions and/or offers.

                              iii.            Chatime New Zealand will not sell, distribute or disclose membersí details to any third party without your written consent.


4.       General

                                 i.            Membership cards and their benefits are not transferrable or refundable

                               ii.            Reproduction of a Chatime membership card in any form is strictly prohibited.

                              iii.            Chatime New Zealand reserves all right on any final decision and terminate a membership if a member fails to comply with these terms and conditions or misuses the membership privileges.

                             iv.            Chatime New Zealand reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or membership benefits where necessary at any time without prior notice.


This membership page is intended to provide a general overview of activities of your Chatime account and is made available to the public for reference and informational purposes exclusively. Chatime has used its reasonable efforts to provide current, complete and error-free information, but makes no representations nor gives any warranty as to the currency, completeness, accuracy or correctness of any of the information contained herein. Chatime reserves the right to modify any information contained herein at any time without any prior notice.